Sions Bench

The project is specifically concerned on Sions Church in Copenhagen. Sions Bench is based on the original aesthetics of the church and designed to enhance the relation within the interior with a focus on incorporating contemporary function and aesthetics.

Based on interviews with Selskabet for Kirkelig Kunst and Sions Church a list of wants and needs for the new bench:
Good comfort, 4-5 per bench, togetherness, store hymnals, clean lines, flower decorations, open and low, shelf, possibility of pillows, moveable, cleanable, flexible setups.
The shape of the bench is inspired by the many arcs seen in the church sealing, windows and doors. On both alter and chalk paintings grape vines are illustrated. The woodcarving is shaped with inspiration from a grape leaf and the pattern of the dowels as the grapes.

The materials and colours are inspired by the ones already existing in the interior. The bench is made from a dark pigmented pinewood as is visible on the flooring, panels and pulpit. On top the flower holder is made from polished brass as doorhandles, candleholders and lamps. The dusty green colour of the pillows is inspired from the ship hanging in the middle of the church.