Young Danish Furniture Designer
based in Copenhagen, DK

Elly Feldstein (1997), Cand. Des, likes to challenge conventional furniture pieces and explore new aesthetics and functions. It is interesting for her to draw inspiration from traditional crafts and objects that embody past values and combine them with contemporary needs to create a new perspective.

She is motivated to create longlasting objects, and therefore considers the user experience and how an object connects to its surroundings. She believes functionality, aesthetics and curiosity are essential to expand the life of an object. Which is a thought of sustainability as a natural starting point when designing.

Through work and studies she has gained experience working in both the commercial and collective design fields, which has equipped her with a diverse skill set. Personally, she enjoys working in a crossfield, designing objects that both serve their purpose and evoke emotion.

Work experience

2020            Freelance Design Assistant, Format Design
2020            Research Assistent, Astrid Tolnov, The Royal Academy 2020            Intern, Boris Berlin Design
2019            Exhibition Designer, Fashion Tech 2019            Creative Workshop Instructor, Nowhereland 2018-20      Product Development Assistent, Montana Furniture 2017            Interior Designer, privat customer
2017            Intern, Yael K Designs

Exhibitions, Awards

2022           Royal Danish Academy, New Design and Architecture, Stackable & Sculptural
2022           360 Furniture and Object, Stackable & Sculptural
2022           Roor CPH, Material Appreciation, Revalued Stools
2022           Dutch Invertuals, The Circle (MAKK Cologne), Come Together
2021           Dutch Invertuals, Objects for a New Kind of Society, Come Together
2021           Ukurant, Ukurant Pespectives, Revalued Stools
2020            Dutch Invertuals, True Matter, Revalued Stools
2019            Visitors Choice, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Svaj
2019            Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sydform, Svaj

2019            Sydhavn Genbrugscenter
2018            FSC Design Awards


2022            MA degree, Furniture & Object Design, Royal Danish Academy 2020            BA degree, Furniture, Spatial & Material Design, Royal Danish Academy2016            Graduated, Aarhus Designskole
2016            STX graduate, Aarhus Katedralskole