The project recreates value in an unvalued oak desk by designing this series of stools that honour this objects past, craft, and materiality.

By designing furniture that is made to last, the project aims to create something constant and reliable that enhances the connection between furniture and user as a contrast to our fast-paced contemporary culture of disposability.

The oak desk was found, unloved and unused, in a humid basement. It was approximately 90 years old and handmade. These undervalued pieces of furniture that surround us can often reveal the story of a household; the status of the person who owned the object, their preoccupations and values, and the aesthetics of the time.
The series of stools has a functional and sculptural value, but also a storytelling value: By turning the desk inside out, presenting its previously hidden interior, joints, elements and marks of time the new series tells a more descriptive story about the original object. All these details appear as decorations on the new furniture for the user to explore.

Each stool is unique but together they resemble a family that has both differences and similarities.

Stool 01

Stool 02

Stool 03

Stool 04