Come Together

Come Together is a low seating table designed for collective use to enhance togetherness and community. It invites people to gather, have a conversation or share a meal on the same level in a simple and relaxed way by sitting on the floor. The material is a patchwork of old, discarded furnitures that through this table tell a shared story of differences coming together. By showcasing elements, joints and marks from the previous furnitures, these details now appear as decorations for the user to explore. Through this exploration a story is revealed and a connection created.
The table consists of 6 pieces, which enables the users to adjust it to their needs. They can be used separately for more intimate gatherings or together as one large table.

The furniture is made for the Dutch Invertuals exhibition “Objects for a New kind of Society” 2021. 

Come Together is a part of the Revalued Objects and made by honouring the craft, past and material found in discarded furnitures. With the believe that these elements enhance the connection between user and object.